November 21st, 2019
Greis Dodona

Do you have a model casting coming up? Are you nervous or don’t really know how to fully prepare yourself? Let’s chat...

Hi, I’m Greis Dodona Dragoti! I’m a student, model, stylist, and proudly the Fashion Director for The Run The World Summit. My job is to finalize and train all of our chosen models for RTW, so I’d love to shed some insight on how to totally NAIL your model casting!

From personal experience and some research, I’ve boiled it down to


needed to seriously rock some socks...


●      Natural face! DO NOT wear a lot of makeup. We want to see those beautiful natural features. Certain makeup looks can take away from your true foundation and it’ll be distracting to envision what we’re going for with a whole face of makeup.

●      Clean and simple hair! 

Have a hair tie handy. Be ready to have the versatility of leaving your hair loose or pulling it up and out of your face. 

No need to do any fancy hairstyles. We want to see your natural hair and what foundation we’re working with.  Personally, I always need to put product (mousse and hairspray) in my curly hair or else I’ll look like a total poodle, but that’s about it!

●      Hygiene! No one wants to get a whiff of body odour. This is important in all aspects of life, but especially if you’ll be doing a quick fitting of a designer’s clothing.

●      Wear neutral tones and fitted clothing! We want to see your silhouette. No baggy clothes.

●      Pack your model bag! You’ll need a pair of heels you’re comfortable slaying your walk in. (If instructed to do so, you might need to bring a specific colour of heels, bra, panties, etc.).


●      Know what you are going to a casting for. Know who will be at the casting. 

Tip: search them up on Instagram to see what they’re all about! Who knows, it could be a great conversation starter.

●      Practice your walk and pose! Nothing is worse than a beautiful model checking every box, but not knowing how to walk and pose. Remember to relax your shoulders, don’t hunch, and be confident.

                                    Tip: YouTube is an amazing resource.

●      Know your measurements! You’ll most likely be measured anyway at a casting, but knowing bust, waist, hip, and height details are key as a model.

This is how you properly measure yourself!


●      Early is on time! Arrive about 10 minutes prior to the actual casting call time.

●      Do not bring friends and family to your casting! Think of a casting as an interview. Unless you’re sixteen and under, an extra body is not necessary.

●      Be open to take direction and be ready to go when your name is called.

●      Keep your phone in your bag! Don’t be glued to your phone. Also, nothing is worse than putting it in your pocket and having it bulge out. Not a cute look.

●      No chewing gum! 

And last, but certainly not least...

3.      BE YOU

This is a very important ingredient. Other than a pretty face, what do you have to offer? This is your chance to show us what you’re all about!

            We want to see:

●      Personality

●      Positive energy

●      Confidence

●      Genuity

Be yourself unapologetically! I am a firm believer that confidence and genuity overpower looks any day!

●      Don’t take things too seriously -- have fun!

●      Introduce yourself and socialize with other models! Could meet a future life-long friend or connection… Take advantage of networking.

●      Make an impression! Take this opportunity to have people say nothing but amazing things the second you step out of the room.


Hope this helps you slay your model casting!

Much love,



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