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Hi! Im Heather, owner of HK Coaching and founder of the WooDo Method. I'm a mystic + womens empowerment coach [aka your professional hype woman] on a mission to help women become magnetic, wealthy and free AF by using the power of subconscious reprogramming, astrology + human design or, as I like to call it, pragmatic mysticism [the WooDo method].

I’m a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, TIME Technique, Clinical Hypnosis, Life + Success Coaching, Astrology + Human Design. My approach is all about balancing between the Woo and the Do. I was put on this Earth to work with women who are ready to show up in a big way, heal + quantum leap to the next level. It's time to claim what is meant for you. To empower you to start living like life is rigged in your favour [because it is!] I believe that you have limitless potential + tapping into it can be easeful and fun!

Contact: Heather Fisk

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