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Espe began with a simple mission: to create cruelty-free, thoughtfully designed handbags at affordable prices. Our commitment to a cruelty-free world is reflected in every bag made. Espe is a cruelty-free company that uses premium PU vegan leather to create unique and timeless handbags and accessories. Our vegan leather has at least three times less the environmental impact compared to standard PVC.

Espe was born from a lifelong love affair with fashion and a lifelong love of animals. Creating a fashion brand that was all about fun, function and fashion and not about harming animals was a dream and that dream became Espe. I am very proud as a woman, mother, wife and businessperson to introduce to you Espe - a line of handbags and wallets that are for literally every woman. Our bags do not have age boundaries and are designed by following my fashion heart. Our bags are crafted to last and to be loved by incredible, unique, women who believe in making conscious choices for today and tomorrow.

Contact: Elizabeth Hardy

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