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Jewmei – pronounced “Joo-May” – Jewelry to Motivate, Encourage, Inspire. Jewmei is a (woman owned, black owned) jewelry brand offering unique pieces to help girls and women thrive. Each of our symbolic pieces is paired with a heartfelt message, providing tangible reminders of strength, resilience, and self-belief.

While many other jewelry brands focus solely on aesthetics, we delve deeper, infusing our designs with messages of inspiration and encouragement. Everyday moments are reason enough to celebrate. 1. Getting words of praise is a powerful motivator. 2. People need to know that you care about their life journey, it’s encouraging. 3. When our memory fades, symbolic jewelry can be inspiring.

When you purchase a piece of Jewmei jewelry for yourself or someone special, you're not just purchasing jewelry. You’re a sending a message of encouragement and support that lasts far beyond the jewelry itself. I hope Jewmei can be a part of those simple, yet special moments in our lives.

Contact: Lorraine Darcheville

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