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Hi, I’m Mona Ebrahimi, the founder of Mimar™, an innovative natural skincare brand based in Toronto. I‘m a mother of two beautiful girls and launched Mimar in 2020 when my eldest was just over 12 months. I always knew that once I had children, I would leave my corporate job. So, I resigned from my position as a Project Manager in tech and focussed on my daughter and exploring my love for formulating.

I grew Mimar gradually on the side of motherhood for 4 years. Little by little, day by day. I am also the cosmetic formulator for Mimar. All our products are formulated, manufactured and bottled by myself in small batched using innovative natural active ingredients blended with pure unrefined organic botanicals to bring the Mimar community an effective and luxurious skincare line.

One of the reasons I launched Mimar was because I couldn’t find affordable luxurious natural skincare, with premium formulations and high-end packaging. I couldn’t justify spending over $150 per single product, on products I’d be using twice a day. I thought to myself that if I had this need, I’m sure other women did too. 

We are committed to using ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients that are:
• Innovative.
• Natural & Vegan.
• Microbiome friendly.
• Cruelty free.
• Sourced sustainably from renowned industry suppliers.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.

Contact: Mona  Ebrahimi
Website: mimarskin.com
Instagram: instagram.com/mimarskin

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