Boob Equality Scarf


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Boob Equality Scarf

All scarf fabric is organic and locally sourced in Canada.

The fabric is cut by hand, botanically dyed and individually hand painted and stamped by me, with so much love.


Organic cotton bamboo - Natural + unbleached

Extremely soft + smooth

Thermal + moisture absorbent + hypo-allergenic

Interior is a fleece like texture, exterior (with the print) is smooth, like the exterior of a sweater.


Milk- Naturally unbleached white

Blush- Soft pink, botanically hand dyed from avocado skins and seeds

Sand- Light tan, botanically hand dyed from locally sourced acorns


Each boob print is individually painted and pressed onto the fabric. The ink is high quality anti fade screen printing ink- eco friendly + water based.


Creating a collective space for women to accept and love their bodies (and boobs) no matter what size, shape or scars! We're all different and unique and that's what makes us BEAUTIFUL 🖤


This scarf can easily be worn as a shawl / throw as the cut is quite wide and long!


72 X 20 inches