Earrings Set

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This set features our beautiful Dash Studs, Crystal Studs and 10mm Infinity Hoops.


Allergy info



Crystal Studs: 14k gold filled (info)

Dash Studs: 14k gold filled 

Hoops: 18k gold vermeil 

Earring Backings

Silicone backing


Dash Studs: 10mm bar

Crystal Studs: 3.5mm

Hoops: 10mm 

Also Included

Jewellery box, pouch and soft cloth to clean.

Care Instructions

Gold-filled items are water safe. For gold vermeil, keep away from water, moisture, and liquid cosmetics. Especially avoid contact with alcohol based products such as perfume. Whenever you need, use the soft cloth provided (it’s chemical free) to wipe and polish. Store in your Goldscoop Pouch to protect from humidity, dust and oxidation from old jewellery.