New Beginnings I Mala


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Calming I Intuition I Passion I Feminine Energy

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and is strongly connected to the moon and helps connect you to your intuition and feminine energy. Moonstone is uplifting and calming, it enhances psychic ability and calms reactions, aiding in self-analysis.


Balance l Nurturing l Peace l Prosperity I Dreaming I Abundance

Jade is a powerful emotional balancer, nurturing and bringing peace and purity into your life, removing negative thoughts and energy. It radiates the divine, promoting unconditional love, serenity, clarity of mind, courage and wisdom. Jade is believed to be stone of luck, prosperity and friendship.

Strawberry Quartz:

Love I Purpose I Soothing

Carries energies of universal love, understanding your purpose and courage to seize the day. It is a soothing stone that has calming properties. This crystal amplifies intentions of love, appreciation and generosity. It can radiate these energies outward and influence one’s environment and the people around them.


  • Length is 22" 
  • Accents are micro-plated gold Hematite.
  • 108 Bead count
  • Hand Knotted Mala  
  • All of our jewelry is made with natural stones, therefore, each stone is unique. Please allow for minor differences between each stones.