NO - Tee!


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Thank you for supporting a small local artist / business! I am a ZERO WASTE Artist using my art as an awareness tool to promote equality, empowering self love and empower feminism.

Every shirt is handmade and individually painted with love!

"N0" means no!

"N0" doesn't mean ask 10 more times.

"N0" doesn't need to be justified or explained.

"N0" means setting healthy boundaries.

"N0" means standing in your own truth.

"N0" I will not smile!

"N0" I am not your therapist or your mother.

In a world that teaches women to always say "Yes" (and smile...) Let's say "N0"


Also available in pink - which I naturally hand dye using Avocado seeds and skin.

All tees are ethically Canadian made. A unique blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles makes for s super soft, stretchy and light weight tee without harming our mother earth.


  • Organic cotton/recycled plastic bottles
  • Classic U shape neckline, great for everyday wear
  • Each with a standard + comfortable box fit and short sleeves
  • Material is extra buttery soft and stretchy but still holds it form.
  • Non Cropped length can be seen in the images

Check images for size guide.