Whipped Shea Butter


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A woody scented shea butter that is perfectly whipped for smooth application, leaving the skin soft and glowing. Apply anywhere on the body for instant conditioning.


Shea Butter – contains healing agents that accelerates skin renewal process. Antioxidant properties reduce anti-aging and dullness. Helps soothe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Rich in fatty acids that balance skin’s natural oils and locks in moisture. *colour may vary from batch to batch, this does not alter quality of product.

Grapeseed oil – high in antioxidants. Improves skin’s elasticity and evens skin tone making skin smoother and clearer.

Cedarwood essential oil – anti-microbial, improving skin imperfections. Pleasantly scented, like mama nature’s soft embrace.

Good vibes – because you deserve it

100% natural ingredients, cruelty free and vegan friendly