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Soul Cider was born out of love, and the simple realization that sometimes we need a daily dose of kick a$$ in a bottle to get our day going and to nourish our body. Sadly, my Black heritage demonstrates we have exposure to more chronic illnesses and health issues than some other groups, and our food choices do not always support our nourishment. In our fast-paced, (too) ease of access to and reliance on fast food culture, I realized how broad and deep the issues go, even beyond my Black family.

My corporate background in wellbeing and EDI strategic work and my certification as a life and health coach led me to realize that we have to start with wellbeing and care for self. Nutrient dense, full of antioxidant goodness, this anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting natural fire cider is infused with incredible body loving herbs with an added dose of reiki loving energy. Small batched brewed for at least 4 weeks. Always. I promise.

Contact: Nicole Stibbe

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