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Darvina Chocolates

Darvina Chocolates

March 10 2023
Life is short and your loved ones deserve to know that you care! Darvinas modern twist on traditi...
Monfriese Rum Cakes

Monfriese Rum Cakes

January 16 2023
Monfriese Rum Cakes, 100% woman owned and operated, is an online bakery specializing in rum infus...
Kare Granola

Kare Granola

October 5 2022
Kare Granola is a gourmet granola brand that offers a variety of vibrant, bold, and unique granol...
Nora's Bakery logo

Nora's Bakery

April 12 2022
Nora's Bakery is a small business currently operating out of a shared commercial kitchen called ...
Soul Cider logo

Soul Cider

April 7 2022
Soul Cider was born out of love, and the simple realization that sometimes we need a daily dose ...
The Banana Station logo

The Banana Station

March 21 2022
A home-based, baked goods store that deals in speciality banana breads. You aint ever had banana...


March 16 2022
We are supplying Dates from Saudi Arabia and Dates related products. Contact: Rumana AliWebsite:...
Sweet Little Thing.TO logo

Sweet Little Thing.TO

March 16 2022
The name says it all! Sweet Little Thing makes the perfect edible gifts for all occasions. We sp...
The Bake Bae logo

The Bake Bae

March 3 2022
Giant gourmet stuffed cookies. Contact: Joanna L.Instagram:
Grazed Platters logo

Grazed Platters

February 7 2022
Grazed Platters offers you Halal charcuterie & cheese boards, platters, tables & gift bo...