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Relit Yourself Candle & Co

Relit Yourself Candle & Co

November 17 2022
Eco-friendly scented soy wax candles. All our candles are 100% pure soy wax (NO ADDITIVES) and h...
Lady With Scents logo

Lady With Scents

July 15 2022
We offer a fast variety of scented products, including wax warmers and other home and body produ...
WANI Perfumes logo

WANI Perfumes

April 23 2022
Wani, the house of luxury perfumes from the Sultanate of Oman. A fusion of the exotic ancient fr...
Natural Bliss Co.

Natural Bliss Co.

March 16 2022
We make all natural care products, lotion candles, palm melts, and lip melts, all made with orga...
Aira logo


March 5 2022
As a modern wellness company, we are on a mission to add simple things to your everyday that hav...
Idelette logo


February 13 2022
Idëlette is a handmade, eco-conscious, natural soy wax candle company based in Toronto, owned an...