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Espe logo


August 24 2022
Espe began with a simple mission: to create cruelty-free, thoughtfully designed handbags at affo...
Michele Deger logo

Michele Deger, Realtor

August 17 2022
I empower women and young families in buying and selling real estate in the GTA and beyond. My f...
Inanna Apparel logo

Inanna Apparel

August 4 2022
Inanna - A Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, justice, and political power. Inan...
Lady With Scents logo

Lady With Scents

July 15 2022
We offer a fast variety of scented products, including wax warmers and other home and body produ... logo

July 11 2022 is a local business located in the GTA and was founded on the basis of providing pe...
Bourn Strength logo

Bourn Strength

July 7 2022
My name is Cassandra and I am a Personal Trainer! My passion and mission is to help women harnes...
novélle logo


July 7 2022
Welcome to novélle where we make jewelry with passion. We believe that jewelry is a form of self...
The Perfect Wig Life logo

The Perfect Wig Life

July 7 2022
The Perfect Wig Life is a brand that provides the best quality hair to any and everybody. With d...
Rejoice Wellness Med Spa logo

Rejoice Wellness Med Spa

July 2 2022
A Holistic Approach to Your Best Health! My name literally means "rejoice" and that has inspired...
The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur logo

The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur

July 2 2022
The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur is an organization dedicated to helping moms create tim...
Wadad Chaar (RBC Mortgage Specialist) logo

Wadad Chaar (RBC Mortgage Specialist)

June 23 2022
I am your go-to for all your mortgage and housing needs! I've been in the industry since 2008 an...
Sunbalm Jewelry logo

Sunbalm Jewelry

June 23 2022
Sunbalm Jewelry was started in Ontario, Canada to promote diversity through jewelry. Owner Sunba...
Mauj Living logo

Mauj Living

June 23 2022
Mauj Living is a home accents store providing you with unique pieces. We are focused on providin...
Kimìra logo


June 23 2022
Kimìra is a unisex brand founded by Amera Kimya as a way to allow others into the world of styli...
Souq Collective logo

Souq Collective

June 9 2022
Womenswear and accessories. Website:
The Happiness Store logo

The Happiness Store

June 2 2022
Everyday jewelry. Water & tarnish resistant. Hypoallergenic. Feel and spread happiness with ...
Faith and Sparkle's World logo

Faith and Sparkle’s World

May 31 2022
Faith and Sparkle's World is a publishing company that specializes in diverse children’s books i...
Marta Raptis logo

Marta Raptis Photography

May 20 2022
I’m a commercial photographer specializing in personal branding, product & stock photography...
AnGel Moss logo

AnGel Moss

May 20 2022
Experience the power from sea to cell: premium, wild-crafted sea moss and products sourced from ...
Unsalted Honey Jewelry logo

Unsalted Honey Jewelry

May 11 2022
Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany Turchyn, founder and designer of Unsalted Honey. I began this ma...
Elyse Jewelry logo

Elyse Jewelry

May 11 2022
Elyse Jewelry is a water-resistant, handcrafted jewelry brand based out of Ontario. Our pieces a...
Gentillesse Clothing Ltd. logo

Gentillesse Clothing Ltd.

May 11 2022
Hello, I’m Claire, proud founder and owner of Gentillesse Clothing Ltd. Fitness has always been ...
Alif2Yaa logo


May 11 2022
Alif2Yaa is inspired by young readers at heart! We are one of the largest online childrens books...
Balance Life Coaching logo

Balance Life Coaching

May 11 2022
I help support people's goals and restore balance in life. Some are seeking inner well-being, ot...
Cee Wee Designs logo

Cee Wee Designs

May 11 2022
At Cee Wee Designs, we create wearable art for the professional woman who isn't afraid to stand ...
Bamboo Babies Kids Boutique logo

Bamboo Babies Kids Boutique

May 11 2022
High quality, affordable clothing and accessories curated by a mother of 3 for all your fashion ...
Ula logo


May 11 2022
Ula is a Canadian based brand offering curated statement fashion accessories, quality jewelry, h...
Luxe by Nonie logo

Luxe by Nonie

April 30 2022
Luxe by Nonie is a Canadian Brand, created with the desire to bring high quality yet affordable ...
Luxe Nails logo

Luxe Nails

April 23 2022
Luxe Nails is a division of Elite Beauty Inc., a black woman owned company created to ginger you...
Gems by A logo

Gems by A

April 23 2022
Gems by A specializes in custom and high quality jewelry. Gems by A serves the people with trend...
WANI Perfumes logo

WANI Perfumes

April 23 2022
Wani, the house of luxury perfumes from the Sultanate of Oman. A fusion of the exotic ancient fr...
Nipsey Daisy logo

Nipsey Daisy

April 23 2022
Nipsey Daisy is a Canadian brand owned by two sisters. Our mission is to provide women the suppo...
Misfit by D logo

Misfit by D

April 23 2022
Customized art on denim and leather jackets. Denim art workshops for kids and adults. Custom sea...
Glow Ritual logo

Glow Ritual

April 12 2022
Glow Ritual is an Ontario based company operating at the intersection of beauty and wellness. Th...
Nora's Bakery logo

Nora's Bakery

April 12 2022
Nora's Bakery is a small business currently operating out of a shared commercial kitchen called ...
Harma logo


April 12 2022
Gentle and long-lasting, Harma's jewelry pieces are finely crafted and elegantly designed. Easy ...